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ARTICLE: Make walking fun

Walking has become so basic in our lives we often forget it’s importance, and in some neighborhoods it is forgotten altogether: cars dominate the roads and couches trap us in their comfort. How can cities encourage their neighborhoods to make walkability a priority? Here’s how: a series of neighborhood walking tours led by local kids. This […]

WEBSITE + ARTICLES: Good ideas for cities

GOOD ideas for cities “organizes creative teams across the country to solve their city’s most pressing challenges by connecting them with the civic leaders who can help put their ideas into action.” They’ve already hosted 10 of these events in three cities and at three schools! Here are some ideas that have sprung forth: — A […]

WEBSITE: The 11th Hour

Climate and energy, ecological agriculture and human rights: these are the three program areas of the 11th Hour, a foundation which “works to achieve systemic change — setting health as the ultimate measure of our success.” They have a vision of “a healthy, vibrant society that values functioning ecosystems, active civic engagement and equity for […]

WEBSITE: Green Production Guide

The Green Production Guide aims to take all media green one set at a time, and features 2,000 companies that provide sustainable and energy saving products and services for film, television and commercial productions. The myth that it costs more to “go green” on set plagues film and television production. This link shows how pro-environmental […]