ENCOUNTER is a networking and think tank group that welcomes people of all ages, ethnicity and experience. Our members meet to find like-minded partners, give presentations, engage in activities and share resources with others. Some have thriving businesses, others are pioneering new concepts–all seek to improve the built environment, with projects focused on architecture, community-development, sustainability and other fields!

Environmental and Entrepreneurial Design Neighborhood LEED
Network of networks to act in synergy and dynamic systems
Communication platform for Higher Education to connect to the community
Open house, open heart, open mind thinking through art and expression
Universal design for disabilities and social justice
New and Innovative design solutions that sustain and provide healthy living
Technology Integration, social media, geospatial tools, knowledge management
Ethical behavior and empathic thinking
Renewable energy, recycle water and materials, access to food

ENCOUNTER meets the first Thursday of each month in downtown L.A at Trade Tech College. It is composed of student, faculty and community leaders and facilitates a larger group participation in the making, designing and operating of the built environment, enhancing our relationship to nature. ENCOUNTER connects design studios to projects in needed places in communities, creating holistic, sustainable solutions by working from within as agents for economic development and innovation. Personal engagement is key, allowing members to learn by doing.

In a nurturing environment, stakeholders share ideas and technologies to help  solve current challenges, providing access to critical, high-demand innovation for the community. This access is possible because ENCOUNTER facilitates collaboration between multiple fields, disciplines and industries, allowing professionals, government agency employees and community members to experience new technology. This uncorks untapped talent lying dormant in our communities!

ENCOUNTER is a model for higher education to connect communities and neighborhood councils, showing the relationships among all stakeholders. Our activities include “Mind Mapping,” “Think Tank Activities” and presentations on the interconnection among multiple environments: socioeconomic, natural systems, human potential and human built.

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A revolution in architecture and environmental design has taken place! New tools such as GIS, CAD, Rapid Prototype, BIM and 3D Modeling facilitate an unprecedented analytically and comprehensive means of looking at human-made ecosystems and their relationship with the planet earth. With these new lenses, we are able to see patterns and relationships we could not see before!

These new tools hold the promise to help us sustain ourselves on the planet.

While some of these tools have been used successfully in design and construction for many years, they now support a broad range of additional applications, such as First response, Emergency management, Safety, National intelligence, Operations planning, Neighborhood planning, Space utilization and the American Disabilities Act.