21 Registrations; 30+ attend monthly meetings.     

Marcela Oliva

chaq The founder of ENCOUNTER, Marcela Oliva is interested in connecting the human potential with the built environment and natural systems, transforming communities inside out. 15 years experience as professional expert for the Sustainable Building Program and Life Cycle System for the Los Angeles Community College District, which replaced over 50 buildings with sustainable, holistic buildings with the help of student interns. Architecture Professor of 25 years; BA/MA, Architecture.


Elliot Stiller

aadsf 001 I help ENCOUNTER through outreach, planning and website development; I also write for the newspaper The Argonaut , manage social media for a real estate company and participate in the  Southern California Muslim-Jewish Forum.  Past experience: Chief Editor of The Oarsman; 1 year attendance Cal Poly SLO. 

In college I became immersed in an entrepreneurial culture that linked students with a downtown business incubator– and I fell in love with innovation. I see the same spark of creativity, drive & passion in our members. 


Carla Mays


CEO of Mays Civic Innovation & Founder of SIIR. Coached and underwrote for 400+ entrepreneurs to attend sector conferences, launch enterprises and venture competitions.  She specializes in advising, strategic engagement &  partnerships, trends and insights research, customized innovation workshops & more.

Her goal is add diversity, inclusiveness and opportunities to  L.A.s entrepreneurial ecosystem by bringing design, access to capital and bridging Silicon Valley & SF.  BA, Advocacy; MPA, Public Admin.; Certificate: Innovation.


Lisa Cain


Founder of the college club “Why I am a woman,” Lisa is starting a movement where every college campus has a specific platform to support mother’s who are in school. She is launching the spiritual self-help book series titled “Why I am a woman”, with the core goal of helping single parents become INTACT: inspired, Natural, Truthful, Altruistic, Creative and Teachable.

3 decades experience teaching single mothers and their children. BA in Psychology, MA in counseling and a Certification in Health Coaching. Involved with AADP, AWIU and other organizations.


John Bollinger

John Administered development of over $50 billion in domestic and international real estate and community projects; he seeks to now apply the insights and lessons learned during his career to teach students and managers how to implement mega projects as an agent of change.

BA, MA, Doctorate in Architecture; a registered architect, general contractor, real estate broker. Certified in Public Admin., Grants Management, Construction Cost Estimating & more. Interested in celebrating connectivity, peace and spirit of community by integrating education, culture and health through environmental and community development.


Brad Carson


With a goal to create and maintain local, sustainable safe cities starting at “Ground Zero”, Carson has co-founded www.jobscreatepeace.com, www.pv.jobs.org  and United Job Creation Council. In his 27-year tenure as a deputy probation officer he has created and developed jobs for “at-risk youth/”high risk” offenders by creating local hiring ordinances specifically for them; He also orchestrated gang truces and cease fires.

Carson is working on a financial literary/Education Network Reunification Games of the African Union and on “Day Reporting Centers”. B.A. in Psychology.


Lynn Crandall


Director of USC IGM Art Gallery, which produces exhibits on Global Health, Peace and Security, Development and Environment to interface creativity with research in biology, health and social systems. The gallery has run for 15 years. Decades of experience teaching English; skilled in PR, marketing, teaching English and more.

Introduces new organizations to ENCOUNTER and provides video and photo documentation. \


Vincent Libretti

More 011Creating Akcpt, a fashion company that will employ local local workers to produce apparel and simultaneously train interns to be employed by the company within a set period  of time. Akcpt empowers LGBTQIA and homeless people. 

Akcpt is launching with the support of key partners such as LGBTQIA and Covenant House. Vinny Libretti was a finalist on and has been a fashion designer of 22 years. 


Andrew Williams Jr.

andrewPresident of Five Points Youth Foundation, he is working to advance the use of social networks to promote “people’s diplomacy”, starting with the global campaign to stimulate cultural exchanges and appreciation via eco-friendly travel, trade and tourism. International Relations Liaison for UN Millennium Development Goals; Goodwill Ambassador for Development of Undeveloped Countries.

10 years in management and consulting; 15 years, exec. assistant in legal and finance.

JJ Moore


A film/video lab technician that kindly documents ENCOUNTER events and is passionate about developing connections with others for the purpose of creating a sustainable, egalitarian social order.

Member of Motion Picture Editors Guild, FPC Ambassador, California Marriage and Family Therapist Association and other organizations; MA in psychology and expertise in Human development, video and film.


Kenneth Wyrick

A web developer who specializes in graphic design and desktop publishing. His experience includes database system design, computerized accounting and all aspects of program creation. In the past, he has trained students in web design and online communications utilization and instructed in a computer furbishing program with youth and adults.

Interested in supporting user centric, open source software and volunteer alternative currencies that enable cross discipline learning, collaboration and sharing of multi-media entrepreneurial resources. Involved with caltek.net and WECA foundation.


Gregory Wright

Decades of experience writing, editing, researching and bookkeeping for organizations that promote public policy; “plowing the fields” of social and political activism with writing and proposing; networking relentlessly, volunteering and inventing; reading and traveling widely..

B.A; Political Science. Experience in Cinema and Graphic Design. He’s interested in “the intersection of beauty and sustainability — of personal interest and social responsibility — of creative action and my life’s meaning”


Antwi Sarpong Hammond

1545570_3942477617716_1808559219_n (1) Executive Director for Black Heritage, a youth based group operating in the upper west region of Ghana. Projects undertaken by me and my organization includes: I. BH Campus Series (a motivational and leadership training seminar organize for senior high schools across the three northern regions of Ghana) II. Woman of Substance Project which focuses on women development and empowerment. II. a media academy to train in and out of school youth IV. Vision Summit and Business Class seminars.

Seeks to “learn more from the group of networked persons whose experience will serve as a guide to me, which will also go a long way to help my organization and ultimately aid in finding sustainable approaches climate change effects in the world especially Africa.”

Michael Ramos

An LATTC student working towards a degree in architectural technology; he is certified in electrical theory and experienced in construction, engineering and horticulture. His goal is to grow and learn from the organizations that present themselves at ENCOUNTER meeting, with the hope to become involved with a group that fits him.

He is part of the Sustainable Architecture club at LATTC and is interested in community organizing to improve accessibility and sustainability; he enjoys music, martial arts and urban farming.

Christine Just

Christine Just 45 has spent 15 years in international work, which includes Human Rights Defender Exchange; she is currently developing “Civilsociety”, in eastern Europe crossborder projects educational projects seminars on human rights.
Her goal through ENCOUNTER is to learn, teach, reflect and build partnerships.
Organization is VIASNA.

Corin Smith

Chief Officer for Global Business Incubation, Corin has organized a comprehensive library of scenario motion picture scripts focused on simulation of “bubble up” self-sufficiency alternatives for high-net-risk communities to achieve purchasing power parity with their contiguous neighborhoods.
He is interested in creating a core team for crossover collaboration with global counterparts and has a degree in Cultural Anthropology Jurisprudence.
SOCIAL MEDIA: www.thirdemancipation.com www.777summoning.com

Charles D. Sharp

Chief Executive Officer of Black Emergency Managers Association, Sharp has over 30 years emergency management experience, both military and civilian: community engagement, planning and recovery and inspection in emergency management.

Sharp has trained members of homeland security and holds a BS in information systems management.

His goal through ENCOUNTER is to open international community engagement and involvement.

Barsee Kollie II

CEO of EYE, Empowering Youths Through Entrepreneurship, which helps young people readjust their mind set from Employment to Entrepreneurship. Founder/CEO of African network of Entrepreneurs “Afnet”.

Experienced in career counselling, youth empowerment, volunteerism and entrepreneurship; skills she would like to use to positively contribute towards improving this generation and its advancement through ENCOUNTER. She currently provides students with free access to career talks/ counseling and has a community-based group called “Road to Educational & Academic Development,”

SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook: Barsee Kollie Twitter: barseek2 Instagram: Barsee Kollie LinkedIn: Barsee Kollie II

Wayne Dalton

A retired executive from Chrysler with experience in real estate brokerage and insurance sales; he now seeks to “make more so I can give” and “reading the bible through this year”; he is interested in “helping the poor and elderly. MBA

Veronica Denise Woolfolk

Interested in International/Global Collaboration & Partnership Climate Sustainability Intentional Living Communities Youth Education. Working on Project Development African American & Latino Youth (STEM/Code) Non-Profit Fundraising History. Skilled in Program Development Organizing Editorial Writing Presentations Public Speaking Public Demonstrations. Has been involved in Organizing for America, 350.org, Medicaid Expansion, Coalition Stop Mass Incarceration, Youth Chamber of Commerce, Green Time International, Human Rights Commission Soul Sisters.
Twitter: @vwoolfolk1 Facebook: Veronica Woolfolk

Esther Park

• Interests
food justice, healthy food access, economic/community development through food business, and other food issues including urban agriculture, food waste, food workers, food security, institutional food procurement, water, etc.
• Personal Projects
Healthy Neighborhood Market Network – corner store collective based in South LA and East LA, connecting with resources and knowledge to sell good food successfully and affordably Healthy Food Retail / Food Equity Working Group
• ENCOUNTER Personal Goal
Connect with allies to shape a more equitable city! And find like-minded folks who want to get involved in food issues.
• Experience
Community outreach, Korean-English translation
Los Angeles Food Policy Council
• Expertise/ Degrees
BA English Lit, Urban & regional studies
• Email
• Social_Media
Twitter: goodfoodla Instagram: lagoodfood Facebook.com/LosAngelesFoodPolicyCouncil www.goodfoodla.org

Richard Nelson

• Interests
Regenerative design that enables closed ecological environments as a new build environment paradigm. I have invented SolaRoof as a “platform” for OpenSource applications that implement such architecture.
• Personal Projects
Examples of SolaRoof applications are the projects for agriPOD and lifePOD that are co-created OpenSource designs applying SolaRoof to closed, controlled environment agriculture and to human habitat, respectively.
• ENCOUNTER Personal Goal
I hope to build a collaborative and cooperative relationship with the ENCOUNTER team and work with individuals and collectives, from local-to-global to participate in the creation of projects that make a better place for people to have happier, healthy lives.
• Experience
I am an inventor and innovator, experienced in the development of creative projects. Whole systems design for holistic living and ecological systems integration with built environment is my special talent. I have implemented SolaRoof projects in several countries and climates around the world and I continue to gather together an OpenSource community of collaboration.
• Organizations
I am the founder of the SolaRoof community and I am now launching PODnet as a global COOP that envisions a leading position as regenerative producer of the FEW essentials (Food/Energy/Water) for human health and wellbeing. We are co-creating the PODnet, that comprises a vast enterprise network of PODpioneers and PODworks, who affiliate in a global cooperative community.
• Expertise/ Degrees
As an Inventor I hold 6 issued USA Patents that define the SolaRoof technology
• Email
• Social Media
www.solaroof.org @solaroof Facebook.com/solaroof Facebook.com/SolaRoofCoop YouTube.com/solaroof PODworksGlobal.com PODpioneers.com PODnet.is @PODpioneers about.me/solaroof